Thursday, May 12, 2005

Senate Bickers While Our Soldiers Sacrifice

The overblown conflict over judicial filibusters is absolutely not in the nation's best interests, asserts Bull Moose:

Under any circumstances, this partisan confrontation would be annoying and unnecessary. But, it is particularly distressing that our political leaders could not find a way to resolve their differences while the nation is at war. We have returned to a pre-9/11 politics with a vengeance. Forget about national unity, partisan advantage is job #1. If we had a President who was truly "a uniter and not a divider" he would put an end to this nuclear madness.

Bull Moose then goes on to tell about a Marine squad where every member was recently killed or wounded in four days of fighting. Every member a casualty. The squad no longer exists.

Stories like that put the whole unnecessary filibuster standoff into perspective. While a real war with real heroes rages on, our congressmen and women are acting as if petty partisan politics are noble battles. As Bull Moose says:

Our soldiers are sacrificing their lives for the national interest. Why can't our political leaders put the national interest before their narrow partisan interest. Don't our troops and the nation deserve better?


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