Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Bush to announce Supreme Court Nominee

TYL has been silent on who the President should nominate for the Supreme Court vacancy created by the resignation of Justice Sandra Day O’Conner to date. However, with the news that the President will announce his nominee to the nation at 9:00 PM EST tonight, we’re running out of time….

We believe that the nominee should be a Centrist (big shock), someone who is not bound by ideology but would rather rule based on a strict interpretation of the law and the facts at hand. We prefer individuals who abide by the intent of the Constitution, but who also see it as an evolving document that can change to meet contemporary society needs. We believe that the Courts can and should be instruments of social change, but only when the Administration, Congress and the states have failed to act. We do not support litmus tests on abortion or any other issues. We believe the candidate should be a woman or a minority. We encourage the President to look at candidates who have experience outside of the federal court system.

We'll have much more tomorrow once we know who the nominee is.


At 5:55 PM, Blogger Alan Stewart Carl said...

Like to say that I don't think a want to make the nominee a minority or woman should override the want to choose the most qualified candidate. Nevertheless, there are numerous qualified candidates that would bring diversity to the court and I would applaud Bush for looking seriously at the many women and minority men that are qualified for this position.


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