Thursday, May 19, 2005

Sausages, Beer, and Sport

According to the American Tailgaters Association (ATA), yes there is an association for tailgaters,
The widely accepted history of tailgating dates back to a Harvard vs. Yale contest in 1904. Spectators, “dressed to the nines,” packed picnics and gathered together in a grassy lot for food, fun and family before the game.

Today’s tailgating is a bit different from this early social gathering. It’s more about the food and drink - an opportunity to enjoy some of this nation’s finest heart-clogging foods and a few beers prior to entering the stadium where it costs approximately $218.00 for a beer and a brat.

This long storied tradition may be coming to an end in Milwaukee, unless the city counsel acts to override a 1980 city ordinance saying it’s unlawful for anyone to drink alcoholic beverages in public parking lots or public structures.

TYL urges the Milwaukee City Counsel to act immediately. After all, Brewers games are hard enough to watch after tailgating. Fans shouldn't have to attend the games sober.


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