Friday, July 15, 2005

Ties between lobbyists and Members under attack

The Hill reports Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold (D) will introduce a bill to overhaul the way lobbyists and lawmakers interact. The legislation would require more disclosure of meetings between lawmakers and lobbyists, curb privately funded travel, erect some barriers between government service and lobbying, and raise the cost of traveling on private jets. The legislation would also bar former Senators who have become lobbyists from visiting the Senate gym or the Senate floor.

In the wake of growing reports of official misconduct by members of congress ranging from House Majority Leader Tom DeLay’s many misdeeds (here and here), to the travel irregularities of multiple other members, to the ongoing investigation of Rep. Randy “Duke” Cunningham regarding the sale of his home to a defense contractor, to the ongoing investigations of Jack Abramoff something must be done to better regulate and monitor Member relationships with lobbyists.

This is a good and needed reform that will help break the ties between special interest money and the legislative process.


At 4:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

New Title – Ties between Lobbyists, Members and Organized Crime

This may come as a shock to you but there’s enough evidence to suggest the above new Title is true. The term Organized Crime is of course crime that’s organized but in this case, it’s different. So don’t be swayed into thinking it’s not possible. Like many in the past who have said “Oh, that’s impossible!”, they missed understanding what this is. What’s currently in the news regarding corruption is only part of what this is and there’s more coming out. I know but can’t tell you – sorry. We’ll have to do it my way!

If you look around, my story and my friend’s story (I’ll call her P) can explain part of what this is at our end. I know for fact simply because I was in a family for 26 years. Their job in this criminal organization is to launder money.

Here in Illinois, the Political Corruption system funnels money directly into a well designed Laundromat. My ex-in-laws always said that “Everyone’s involved”. In some cases, cash is injected into a small army of Real Estate Developers who use Mortgage Fraud techniques to trade property for cash. I know this because my ex-in-laws are one of them. Successful criminals don’t design what they do so you can see it! So, if you can’t, try thinking like a criminal and maybe you will. Believe me this whole thing is absolutely huge! If you’re lost, try accepting that it’s bigger than a bread box. In another post later, I’ll describe how Mortgage Fraud works.

If you know anything about Mortgage Fraud, you should know that it’s NOT accomplished by one person. It takes many professionals to pull off a deal otherwise it won’t work. In this case, there is a lot more than a group of professionals involved. The Internet is filled with information on how Mortgage Fraud works to get you started.

How I know that members are connected with Organized Crime is because of what I was told while married. Consider the top levels of what you’re hearing to be ONE large area of where money starts to flow into the criminal system. The money has to go through a cleansing process or it will be found. All money is traceable but it takes work to follow it.

An important question for you is “Why beat your brains out on finding the details on each issue regarding corruption”? Of course it exists, but why spin your wheels with trying to get to the bottom of each incident? There’s enough floating around to start the trace of “following the money trail”. WHY NOT FIND THE LAUNDROMAT INSTEAD? The reason is clear, at the Laundromat, you’ll have a list of “customers” who use the Laundromat. With that list of names, you can determine who’s involved. Think clearly on this because they aren’t going to make it easy for you to find it!

Ask yourself, “Where does all the money end up at? Who owns what the money buys? It isn’t sitting in shoe boxes, you know! The largest bill denomination is $100 and billions have been stolen!

“Follow the money to the Laundromat!” and find your prize!

Deep Throat II

At 9:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Deep ThroatII

At 5:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ask yourself, "How is it that I know about Clinton’s involvement in this"?

Clinton was President while I was married and that was when my ex-in-laws explained all about the very wide scale criminal organization. They also explained that Clinton was directly involved. As mentioned above, I believe there’s enough evidence to suggest a link between Political Corruption and Organized Crime. It's there, can you find it?

Consider for a moment that someone like me, way down the status ladder in Illinois is married into a family that’s laundering money for Political Corruption. They tell me all about the corruption system, the International Drug Distribution, very wide scale Political Corruption and about Clinton’s involvement.

My ex-in-law’s job as Real Estate Developers is to launder criminal money straight into property. They are one of a small army of RE Developers in the Laundromat. There's a lot more to this. There are other "things" involved as well.

The news is currently filled with corruption investigations among other things. It's not only in Illinois, it's all over the US. I know the answer but do you know? Do they have connection links? Do they work together? Again, how is it that I know about Clinton's involvement? Clinton and I are at opposite ends of the spectrum but I know about his involvement.

Please consider the following:
1 - The system is well organized, it employs a well used pipe line from bottom to top.
2 - I was in one of the Laundromat machines around Chicago. Being one of the Launderers means your role is of great importance. Try to remember please that this is where all the washing takes place! From my experience, the Launderers are treated almost like royalty as they’re given top priority while others cater to their needs. The Launderers know just about everything that happens in the entire Criminal System. That's why my ex-in-laws know about Clinton's involvement.
3 – Exposing the Laundromat(s) exposes who’s using them!
4 - Clinton had suspicious deaths associated with his Whitewater Scandal and I know about murders committed by this criminal group.
5 – At the top, it doesn’t stop with Clinton either! Are there suspicious "corruption"
things happening at the Federal level? White House?

Deep Throat II

PS) Posts to read
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